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Hestra’s products are to be found in all possible sectors and different types of shops. We have the solutions required to create shop environments that promote sales and are attractive.

Hestra currently operates in a wide range of markets in several countries, with small and large customers. We are used to different needs, requirements and wishes. Hestra has the right solutions, regardless of whether you want to have a unique, architect-designed concept or focus on our extensive, flexible standard system.


Sports shops and outdoor shops often change their guise depending on the season. The fittings must therefore be flexible and functional. We ensure that the fixtures and fittings reinforce your shop concept in all respects, regardless of what you sell or at whom you are targeted.


Entering a food shop should be enjoyable and pleasurable. You should be inspired to new culinary adventures and get a good overview of the shop. Hestra can help you with flexible shop fitting that both attracts purchases and can withstand a high throughput.


Stylish shop fittings are a must within the clothing and shoe trade. Besides selling physical products, the shop must also display the latest trends and convey a personal feel. We can help you to create fashionable shops for different styles.


A builder’s merchants, hardware store or paint shop accommodates products with a great range of sizes, weights and appearances. We have solutions for all types of products within this field, from substantial shelving systems to inviting demonstration areas.


A high level of style and functionality is a must in the fittings for selling glasses, clocks and jewellery. Furthermore, the fittings should also enhance the shop as a whole and differentiate different brands. Our design solutions can resolve all this and much more.


Hestra can design exclusive flower shops as well as supply robust and expressive shop fitting for garden centres. Our solutions can be simply converted and adapted to be utilised optimally for display of different types of seasonal products.


Presentation of products is important within the consumer electronics industry. Furthermore, customers are keen to try out the products before buying. Hestra knows how to create an innovative and modern electronics shop that promotes sales.


Home furnishing shops have a larger role than just selling items such as furniture, crockery and cushions.
They also convey the feel of different lifestyles and trends. Hestra can help you to create inspiring and modern interior design concepts for aware customers.


Pharmacies, health food shops and cosmetics shops require different types of fittings for different products, from medicines to perfumes. The fittings also play an important role in getting customers to seek advice. Hestra has solutions for both the products and the personal meeting.


The interior of the restaurant is supposed to make you stay up. It will look inviting and will make you sit down for a while. Hestra has just the decor for these moments.