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Hestra is shop fitting to its fingertips. We love creating shops that promote sales and produce an image. It has made us one of the Nordic region’s leading shop fitters.


A lot has happened since Natanael Petersson made his first furniture 120 years ago. The world, commerce and technology were completely different at that time, while some things haven’t changed at all. Hestra Inredningar is still the same reliable, flexible and knowledgeable supplier. And we always will be!


Today we are a stable and successful fourth generation family business. Our strength is that we combine the small company’s simplicity and proximity to the customer with the larger company’s resources. It enables us to manage all shop fitting assignments. We can tailor unique concepts as well as build shops that promote sales and reinforce an image with our comprehensive standard system. One or a hundred shops makes no difference. Get in touch with Hestra!



Our domicile and base is located in Hestra in Småland, where we manufacture and stock fittings for all possible sectors. We also have offices in Solna outside Stockholm, Dröbak in Norway, Lahti in Finland and Vejle in Denmark. Altogether there are 140 of us, with a range of different experiences and skills. The company is managed and owned by the Petersson family.


At Hestra we always strive for high quality in everything we do. The products have to deliver what they promise, the deliveries have to arrive on time and you have to have professional service. The aim of every delivery is that it is a recommendation for future business. We have been quality assured according to ISO 9001 since 1996.



Our factory in Hestra is heated by waste heat from a nearby company. In addition, we are continuously engaged in reducing our energy consumption and minimising our emissions levels. Together with other companies in the region we also have four wind turbines which provide us with green electricity. Hestra is environmentally certified according to ISO 14001.



As an employer and fellow human being, we have a social responsibility. It permeates our staffing policy and is noticeable in local club and society activities. Together with the Erikshjälpen aid organisation we have a long term commitment to provide 100 sponsored Children in India with food, education and medical care. More information is available on Erikshjälpen’s website.

Om oss Jobba


We are constantly developing and often require capable new colleagues in various roles, with or without experience of the business. If you think shop fitting is enjoyable, then you will probably do well at Hestra. Please send in a spontaneous application to jobb@hestra.se and we will get in touch if any opportunities arise.


  • 1900

    The year is 1900 and Natanael Petersson is on his way to the rectory in Hestra. His carriage is fully loaded with furniture and the air is full of spring and tense with expectation. The vicar had previously seen the furniture take shape in Natanael’s workshop. But what would it look like in situ? And how would the vicar’s wife react? Both of them are really pleased and Natanael’s reputation as a craftsman spreads. Customers start to flow in and N. Peterssons Mekaniska Snickerifabrik sees the light of day in the same year.

    Historia 1900
  • Historia 1920


    Natanael is now well and truly up and running, and is valued in the district for his joinery. During the 1920s, his sons Ernst and Tage are employed in the company and the business develops further. Now N. Peterssons Mekaniska Snickerifabrik also offers fittings to schools, hotels and shops. Customers can contact the company through the telegraph address ”Pettersson” or the simple telephone number ”3”.

  • 1945

    The Second World War is finally over and Ernst and Tage are optimistic about the future. They come into contact with Svenska Järnhandlarföreningen (the Swedish Ironmongers’ Association), which is looking for a standardised display system for goods in hardware shops. Ernst and Tage present a functional solution and soon production in Hestra is dominated by shop fittings.

    Historia 1945
  • Historia 1972


    In April 1972 the construction of Hotell Birger Jarl in Stockholm commences. On opening it is one of Sweden’s most modern hotels with its brown furniture, orange-coloured curtains and endless fitted carpets. Hestra supplies the fittings for the hotel. The delivery is the last in a long history of hotel fittings. The company that is now called Hestra Inredningar focuses exclusively on shop fitting.

  • 1984

    During the exuberant 1980s, Hestra Inredningar starts to outgrow its Swedish origins and look outside the country’s borders. The company sets up its first international sales office in Norway in 1984. During the coming years it also establishes ventures in Finland and Denmark. This represents an important element in becoming the Nordic region’s leading shop fitter.

    Historia 1984
  • Historia 2008


    During 2008 Hestra expands its production facility to 20,000 sq. m. A few years later it does it again and the total production and warehouse area amounts to 22,000 sq. m. The warehouse now holds about 2,000 standard items and 6,000 customer-specific products on a total of 13,000 pallet locations.

  • 2020

    120 years have passed since Natanael made his first furniture in his parents’ outbuilding. The company is currently managed and owned by the fourth and third generations of Peterssons through Johan, Henrik and Magnus. The 3D printer is used more often than the plane, and the drawings are more advanced, but the basics are still the same. Hestra will always work in close proximity to its customers, using knowledge, experience and curiosity to create the best conceivable solution.

    Historia 2015